Imago (ĭ-MAH-gō) is the idealized mental image of another person. In biology, it also refers to the final stage of a winged insect’s development. The process of growth and development includes an incredibly messy transformation inside the cocoon. Miraculously, a beautiful adult butterfly emerges. 

In our case, the “cocoon” would be the new family in which a child with a troubled history is placed. We want to imagine that in time, an underdeveloped, relationally traumatized child can emerge as a beautiful adult.

Our heavenly Father's redemptive work of mercy and grace in our own lives expresses the same. Indeed, we are His adoptive children in need of development and transformation.

We believe that God wants to use us to transform a child suffering from abandonment, neglect and abuse into a beautiful adult person with the capacity to trust and love others.

Chronic neglect and abuse can compromise a child's development at many levels: mental, physical, emotional, and social. Healing and wellness become possible when parents and caregivers see the developmental needs of their child and proactively work to provide a sensory rich empathetic parent-child experience.

Though extremely challenging and time consuming, most children with relational wounds can develop the ability to trust again. In time, the capacity to love and be loved can be restored. As we work to heal relational trauma and fill in developmental gaps, children begin to discover that they have intrinsic value in this life. They can learn cause and effect, and develop the capacity to give and take.  Complex social skills needed to negotiate their needs and wants can be learned and advanced.